CAREER GUIDE is a student-centric & hardcore career-oriented organization working for the benefit of students. Since 2008, our platform is providing guidance to students to choose their career goals and the path to achieve their desired profession. 

Students undergo a complex drive when selecting the right choice of the institute – ultimately aiming to find that perfect ‘fit’ program. We provide Information, Counseling & Guidance for admission to different colleges/ institutes according to the Student requirements and eligibility.


Career Assessment is done to find out the best career options for the students. This is done on the basis of interest, personality, skills, aptitude, and many other factors. It is recommended to judge yourself for choosing the right career plan.


Our expert counselors counsel you according to your interest, eligibility & budget about the best options of courses and colleges so that you can make the right choice. Our counselors provide all information about the colleges and courses. Our counselors also provide information and guidance about the admission process and help the students to apply and process the same.


We guide the students about different Scholarships offered by college & other Government / Non-Government Organizations.  Also, help the students to apply for Education Loan from the Bank.